Hulin Alaskan Design Is:

Clothing inspired by alaskan scenes. Winter cities and northern landscapes.
The rough, authentically amateur, look of the prints is an intentional result of my hand screen-printing style. 

My printing materials originally consisted of an old window pane, some black lights, polyester mesh stretched over wooden frames, a hair dryer, and a scrap plywood platen... since then I have upgraded some of my techniques and equipment (slightly). For some bigger projects I have even partnered with some real local print shops with real equipment, but have made sure not to lose the character of the original printing.  

 If you are in Anchorage, you can also find Hulin Alaskan Design at Dos Manos Gallery on Northern Lights,  at Skinny Raven Sports downtown, Ski AK in Spenard, Cabin Fever on 4th Ave, and Powder Hound in Girdwood. 

I still have very low inventory on some items so, if it’s “sold out” just email me anytime with questions, orders or comments.
I will pay for the shipping on your order from this site too.

Thanks!  -Bret Hulin Connor

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